Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Michigan Company Monitors Thin-Film Production

If thin-film analysis tools are what you need, then k-Space Associates is your provider! Founded in Dexter, Michigan, k-Space produces the latest, cutting-edge tools and computer programs for the thin-film and photovoltaic industries. They exclusively work on the process of measuring thin-film analysis processes. Thin films are usually applied in production of semiconductors like cell phones, laptops, and they are made from an array of materials such as silicon, aluminum, and glass.

A number of deposition methods are important to be executed perfectly in order to ensure consistency, and they are carried out with k-Space thin-film growth rate control tools, like the BandiT. These tools optically measure, characterize, and monitor thin films as they are applied onto surfaces in real time. All of the mentioned processes happen in controlled environments, k-Space’s thin-film characterization tools manage the process, and make sure that the temperature is perfect when the films are deposited onto base materials. With semiconductors, thermal processing is used to dope crystals, meaning that other elements are introduced into a crystal to make it conduct, so that current flows. k-Space metrology devices monitor the doping process which is vital for creating semiconductors.

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