Thursday, February 28, 2013

Michigan Women Organizations

Being leading professional organization, Inforum helps to create strategic connections and accelerate careers for women throughout Michigan and the Midwest areas. Founded as women's economic club in 1962, Inforum for more than 50 years is contributing to the local business environment. Inforum has several Affinity Groups that are divided according to the different geographical locations.

Michigan women organizations provide an opportunity to make new business connections based on similar interests and simply recharge the energy. Women organizations have very broad spectrum of interests, therefore, everyone would find an event related to his or her personal/business views. Moreover, members are more than welcome to create their own events if they feel inspired and have something to share with an audience.

Michigan women organizations host events topics of which vary from economy and politics to education and health care etc. Among the business related events, there are many of those that just focused on a socializing and relaxing with people that share similar interests and views as you do. For more detailed information about how to join Michigan women organizations and to find upcoming events please visit Inforum website.

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